Time Management

1. My time management system to get more done in less time.

This process comes to you in the form of the 3D’s – Dump it, Delegate it, Do it. Before you decide what to do with anything, you must only touch it once. This means when you open something, letter or email make the decision right then which of the 3 D’s it falls into, don’t waste time saying you’ll come back to it, most probably you wont plus you will have wasted more time going back to it.

Dump it

If it does not serve you then bin it.

Delegate it

Delegating dramatically increases income. I as a dentist was the worse at delegating and know many of my peers were the same. Why is this? Dan Sullivan says its to do with ‘rugged individualist’ – which means when we started our business’s we did everything ourselves, invested time, money and energy and got good at whatever task we faced. We got used to this and just carried on with the flow.

There are many advantages of delegating:-
do more of what you love,
do less of what you don’t love,
gain control of your life,
have much more free time,
tasks get done better, faster and easier,
you have much more energy, your income goes up.

For example, when we refer to an endodontist its because we don’t have the passion to complete the treatment, someone else can do it better and quicker, saves us time and stress to concentrate on stuff we enjoy doing.

(ii) How much should you delegate? – if you wish a task to be completed, do only those parts you enjoy and are great at, delegate everything else. For example, at home the task of dinner, my wife cooks it and I do the part I love – eating it.

(iii) Managing delegation – People respect what you inspect.

If you don’t have an assistant, you are one!

3. Do it

I always ask myself is the task adding value and taking me towards my goals,if both are yes, then lets do it.

They system I use for managing my tasks is the RPM system devised by Tony Robbins.

RPM is the Rapid Planning Management:

Results focus – what do I want? – What’s the result/outcome I am after? Not what should I do. Be very specific, clarity is more power, takes more time but is worth it. Focus on outcomes more than activity, for example if you have numerous to do lists, chunk them into 8 wheel of life segments, and then if you only accomplish one of each you still have better balanced life. Where your focus goes – energy flows, don’t be an activity manager but a results manager. Be productive and not active, Busy = broke, productivity = profitability

Purpose driven – do you have enough emotional juice to carry, to overcome any obstacles, Why and what is your purpose?
Massive Action Plan =MAP, for real and lasting results

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