1. Free Dental Property Club webinar on ‘Buy To Let’. Monday 21st September at 8.00pm. To register please visit

2. Meet me at the BDIA next month to have any of your property questions answered. I will be there for 3 days. Please send me a private message to book your slot.

3. You know how some dentists are trading time for money.

Which means that they don’t have time for family, fitness and fun.

I offer the tools for them to build passive income so they are not reliant on dentistry.

I was a dentist and now have achieved financial freedom and have the life of choice.

If you know anyone interested, please direct them to my next 1 day wealth creation day for dentists.

Friday 20th November 2015. Save £100 with the early bird discount.

To register please visit –

“10/10 – Would definitely recommend the course to people who want to find another source of passive income. Implementing the skills taught is the key!” – Dr KB
“10/10 – I have gained lots of useful information and I cant wait to get started in this new venture. The course is very good, very easy to follow and Harry is a great speaker and the manual and information provided are very through.” – Dr RS

“Hey Harry, you were wonderfully inspirational today and got my lazy mind thinking laterally!Was lovely to meet you in person also and I hope I can take a leaf from your book and motivate myself to financial freedom. Thanks once again.” – Dr YS

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Achieving Financial Freedom:

Learn how you can escape the rat race and stop trading time for money

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Get Moving in Property for Freedom and Profits:

Learn how to invest in the asset of the rich and master the rules of the professional property game

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