1. Property Crowdfunding

There are many people wanting to start their own property portfolio, due to a lack the finances to raise a deposit themselves many people are turning to crowdfunding. Property crowdfunding helps potential investors who are unable to fund their own buy to let investments.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding brings capital from a number of investors together to buy a number of properties, or to invest in a development project that is on a larger scale.

Who can be involved in the Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding make fantastic use of your own network of friends, family, business associates and colleagues. You can also make us of the social media, such as, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin

What are the advantages of Crowdfunding?

Dependent on the agreed terms the following benefits include:

  • The investors invest a small amount of money, this is deemed as low risk investment
  • The risk is shared
  • Investors have a choice of which projects they want to invest in
  • There is no mortgage which means no interest rate exposure
  • Dependent on your investment you will receive a proportions of the rental returns and capital appreciation
  • You become a buy to let landlord, without the hassle of the day to day running of the property
  • Many of the due diligence around the property is taken care of before you invest

What are the disadvantages of Crowdfunding?

  • Investments can be at risk if the market changes
  • Conflict of interest may occur when there are a number of people involved in a project
  • Currently in the United Kingdom there is a lack of regulation around crowdfunding
  • Your investment will be for a fixed term. There may be opportunities to exit but this must be investigated.
  • Your returns may not necessarily be as high as if you had bought it yourself
  • Lack of control. You will trust someone else to manage the property and keep the properties tenanted.

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