One to One Property Apprenticeship 1 Year Programme

When Where
Monday or Wednesday Your Investing Area and Stevenage, Hertfordshire


8.00am – 8.00pm – 12 hours x 12 days = 144 hours plus telephone support/action items,
tasks activity = +200 hours of focused intelligent property investing for the year

8.00 – 1.00 Theory
1.00 – 2.00 Lunch
2.00 – 5.00 Practical/role play/live demo
5.00 – 8.00 Dinner with Q&A, Action Plan, Next Step

* You will be assigned some reading material, research projects and course work prior to
and during the apprentice programme, so thus maximising the learning experience of each
apprentice day and cutting straight to the chase on these days.

Who is it for

  • Dentists that are looking for more…demand more…expect more
  • Dentists that want to scale their property business from £4k a month to £40k a month

What is it

Education + Action + Support = More Time & More Money

12 month advanced programme for property entrepreneurs wishing to reach the next level
which involves a holistic approach towards your personal and wealth development

This programme is not for everyone. It is designed for those individuals whose
expectations and standards are non negotiable. It is for professionals that have already
achieved some success in property – and want more. It’s a step by step guide, to empower
you to mastermind your future and create financial opportunities that you’ve always
dreamed of.

Using a mentor to help you stay focused on the right tasks is essential when there is so
much around to distract and ‘shiny penny’ opportunities to take you away from your core

To move from £4k a month to £40k a month takes very specific business planning no
matter which strategy you use.

We all know that knowledge without action is a waste of your time, energy and money.
Therefore the day is split into 2 halves. The first half of the day we dig very deep and
specific on a number of strategies, content and information. Then in the afternoon session
we put into practice what you have learnt in the morning. This will involve a combination of
role playing, live demonstrations, visiting estate agents, phoning and visiting vendors,
meeting my personal property power team (mortgage brokers, solicitors,etc), visiting
current development/refurb project we are undertaking. We will review all this in the
evening session and suggest any improvements.

It’s more of a 1-Day workshop every time we meet. Workshops are primarily designed to
push your comfort zone. At the workshops you will solve property investment challenges.
We try to make these as realistic as possible – for example at one session you will call
estate agents to source below market value properties. And in case you are wondering,
yes some of you will indeed purchase below market value properties as a result of this

This is an example of a possible year programme, however this will be made more specific
to your needs and aspirations once we have the pre call chat and exercises completed.

Days Morning-theory Afternoon -practical Evening
1 Mind/goals/ Vison/time Action your Goals/plan Daily and Weekly Activities Action plan
2 Setting up Design Business Cards/leaflets.Set up call Answering Service Action plan
3 Your area Visit estate/Letting agents.Map your Investment Area. View Houses Action plan
4 Power team Meet my Contacts Action plan
5 Lead Generation Start leflet Campaign Newspaper ads, Strategic Alliances Action plan
6 Lead Assessment Phone and visit Vendors Action plan
7 Negotiation Visit vendors Action plan
8 Financing Acess joint Venture Partners Action plan
9 Buy to sell/buy To let Set up refurb Team. Manage Properties to Hold. Action plan
10 Lease options Access deals From letting Agents. Generate Tenant buyers Action plan
11 Tax/systemising My trusted Financial Advisors to Minimise tax. Set up virtual Pa system Action plan
12 Vip/networking Access my Inner Mastermind Cicle and learn From others Action plan

Learning outcomes

Achieve the same learning outcomes that result from the 3 day course, as below:

    • Getting motivated sellers who will sell their properties +20% below market value coming
      to you, so you have instant equity when you buy
    • How to flip properties with a minimum of £30k profit per deal
    • Fastest way you can make 5k-10k per month through property, which means you’re not
      reliant on your dental income
    • Get tenants to pay you above the market rent allowing you to maximise your monthly
    • Get your tenants to fix up your houses for free, saving you thousands of pounds
    • Learn how to use lease options to control a house for £1, with no mortgage or deposit
    • Learn how to live in your £1M dream house for £1, saving thousands of pounds in
      stamp duty and deposits
    • How to spot the opportunities the current market presents which allow you to prosper
      whilst others are frightened to take action
    • The strategies that will allow you to make massive profits from the day you purchase
      the property
    • The mindset necessary for exploring the opportunities, which means you will see
      opportunities where others don’t
    • Learn how you can achieve financial freedom with multiple streams of massive, passive
      income to allow you to have choices in life
    • Understand the critical factors that are impacting property investing right now
    • Access and employ bullet-proofing strategies against the economy
    • Design a powerful vision of your life
    • Ramp up every aspect of your marketing with innovation that will supply you with all
      the property leads you will ever need, plus more which you can sell on
    • Achieve any goal you desire with my proven, tried and tested goal map system
    • Have more time than you ever imagined with my time management system
    • Control your mind instead of your mind controlling you
    • Understand your beliefs about money and learn how to win the psychology of money
    • Structure and implement your different income streams to achieve financial freedom,
      quicker and safely
    • Learn and implement my unique Financial Freedom Formula
    • Build the foundations for your property business so you can start immediately after the
      3 days
    • Avoid the common mistakes novice property investors make
    • Avoid the 12 biggest mistakes made by property investors when starting out so you
      don’t lose thousands of pounds
    • By using Ordnance Survey maps, pinpoint your exact and ideal location/s to target to
      gain maximum profit from your property investing
    • Numerous lead generation systems to gain a steady flow of new leads
    • How to assess every lead within 5 minutes to see if it merits further investment of your
    • Negotiate your way to success in property and any other business you may be
      involved in
    • How to raise capital, secure funding, even if you can’t supply the deposits yourself
    • How to release the hidden equity in your residential property or your business
    • How to build and manage a multi-million pound property portfolio
    • Systemise the business so it can run without you


You will also have the following additional learning outcomes that can only be achieved via
personal 1 to 1 mentoring over a continuous period:

  • Become a property expert in your area
  • Be the chosen property investor estate agents call to pass deals onto
  • Be a property expert in your area so other investors pass you deals
  • Sound confident on the phone when talking to sellers/vendors
  • Be confident when visiting vendors selling their properties
  • You will be put you on the road to financial freedom through profitable property
  • At the end of each session we will develop your personal business plan, set goals and
    objectives, monitor and discuss the problems, obstacles and successes
  • We will help you overcome and achieve your property goals and introduce you to a
    myriad of experts along the way
  • Understand and discuss the latest problems and opportunities facing the property
  • Work within a tried and tested structure with guaranteed success.


£24,000 This includes 1 FREE place for a business or married partner. All refreshments, lunches and dinners are included in this price.

You pay £24,000 to give you the skills, confidence and real life practice to allow you to buy yourself unlimited number of properties within a year. As a conservative figure you should as a minimum (if you action what you learn) be able to purchase properties of an equity saving of over £80,000 and a portfolio worth of over £1million, a return investment of over x4 minimum for just 1 year.

To book your place immediately please visit to set up your direct debit payments.

Bonus material

As well as receiving the same bonus material that result from the 3 day course, such as:

    • Pre course questionnaire to fact find your property requirements and background
    • Telephone call prior to teach day to discuss your property goals and fact finding and
      make the day unique and specific for you to succeed in property
    • 1 hour call week after each meet up day to follow up any further questions you may
      have and a further 2 calls to action items, check progress, solve problems – total of 3
      coaching calls post workshop
    • Free entry to any 3/4 day events the Dental Property Club hold for 1 year
    • Help and advice on your leads/deals
    • List of recommended books for personal development and property
    • List of recommend websites as references for your property business
    • Free e-books on personal development
    • Discounts on the 1 to 1 Property Apprenticeship 1 year programme
    • Free overnight stay for first 2 nights and pre course night if required in Stevenage
    • All my legal documents and templates used in the business of property investing
    • 20 page report I send to motivated sellers, which will position you as an expert
      property problem solver
    • Information leaflets on 20 separate situations a motivated seller may find themselves
    • Joint venture templates I have used to secure £1M funding from private investors
    • Copies of my leaflet templates to attract motivated sellers
    • Copies of my newspaper ads to attract motivated sellers
    • Telephone scripts to pre-qualify any telephone leads
    • Deal analysis spreadsheet to allow you to only concentrate on the most profitable
    • Perform and analyse your wealth dynamics profile
    • My own personally devised goal setting map to guarantee the results you have always
    • Access to my personal power team (printers, call centre, mortgage brokers, insurance
      brokers, solicitors) to help you propel your property business
    • Script I use to guarantee a steady flow of leads with estate agents
    • My unique negotiation template to convert more deals than you ever thought possible
    • Checklist template when viewing properties
    • Flow chart template so you know instantly what options are available to you on any
      particular lead you are presented with
    • All templates and legal docs associated with lease options – securing the lease option,
      heads of terms, lock out agreements, tenant buyer paperwork, handyman paperwork
    • 200 page + workbook
    • Hard copy of my report, ’10 Secrets to Successful Property Investing for Busy Dentists’
    • All my articles on property and wealth creation – 15 articles


You will also have the following additional bonus material as a reward for your commitment
to the 1 year apprentice programme

  • Telephone call, reviewing your progress between the apprentice days
  • Email response within 48 hours to any enquiries
  • 1st refusal for joint venture deals that I may present to investors
  • Any DVD recordings I undertake of any of my live events
  • Any books I publish
  • Any CD’s or audio files I produce
  • USB stick with all my paperwork I use to run my property business
  • Invitations to any social I organise in relation to the Dental Property Club
  • FREE tickets to accompany me to amy property trade shows I may attend that year
  • FREE tickets to accompany me to any property networking events I amy attend in that
  • Copies of any property books/workbooks I have purchased in my property journey
  • Hard copy of 20+ page report, ‘ 10 Strategies to Finance your Property Deals’
  • Hard copy of 30+ page report, ‘ 10 Advanced Property Strategies for Sophisticated
  • Audio recording of each day

What you can expect from me

  • I will arrive early for each day and with all the preparative work required each time, ready
    to begin at 8.00am.
  • I’m an expert in property investing. I will guide you and narrow in on the right concepts for
    you personally
  • I will hold you accountable and keep you focussed on your commitments and actions that
    are critical to your success, so you can achieve the results you desire.
  • Whilst I am a really nice bloke, I am not here and you are not paying me to be your
    friend. I am here to help you succeed. I am committed to creating results with you and
    will not be shy in pointing out things that need improvement.

What I expect from you

  • Attend all days as planned and give plenty of notice if you cannot make any of them.
    Treat them like a day at work. They are critical to your success. We both have busy
    schedules and need to respect each others time.
  • Be present, with no distractions and ready to do some great work and obtain amazing
  • Complete any necessary homework/research/preparation prior to the session
  • Have fun and remember why you bought this program. To have a more successful,
    profitable property business. This takes discipline and determination.

How to apply

I only take a maximum of 2 or 3 candidates for this Property Apprenticeship 1 year
, due to the amount of time I need and want to commit to each individual to
make sure they succeed and gain maximum return from their investment

Therefore there is a qualification process to ensure I pick the right candidates that have
the correct mindset to want to succeed and financial/time resources available and also to
work with candidates with the best chance of succeeding, so you are not too wasting your
time or money.

To apply please email me on outlining your wish to join
the Property Apprenticeship 1 year Programme , and then we will arrange a telephone
interview to see if we are both suitable to work with each other to help you achieve your
property goals.

If you are lucky enough to be accepted, you will begin the journey of financial freedom via
property and will become part of an exclusive programme where you will thrive off the
support, encouragement, help and accountability provided by me.

After attending Harry’s 3 day advanced property workshop I have secured 2 property deals using the strategies taught during the workshop, with a total equity of £50,000.


Due to the power team introduced to myself by Harry I saved over £500 per month in my residential mortgage payments and secured funding that was unavailable to me by my own broker.


The free support post workshop is invaluable in making sure I don’t rush into any deals. According to my calculations I have saved myself over 80k in terms of rushing into dud deals that Harry pointed out the flaws in.