1 Day 1 to 1 Mentoring

Are you a landlord that wants to take it to the next level.

If you have a portfolio of properties and want to maximise your profits from property, then the 1 day 1 to 1 mentoring programme is for you.

The primary objective is to understand where you are now and look at strategies that can help you achieve your specific goals over the next 12 months.

This exclusive programme is the culmination of my 10 years plus experience in property. It is designed to empower you with cutting edge systems, skills and strategies you need for creating an invincible advantage in the professional property game. If you are prepared to step up and commit, your rewards will be enormous. My mission is to elevate your financial well-being. The old rules of investing are obsolete. Discover what works in today’s market to give you more..time….freedom…security and peace of mind.

I will spend the whole day:

  • analysing your current portfolio to see where the hidden cash is
  • devise a custom made financial freedom plan
  • pick you golden area local to you
  • allow you to have access to my power team
  • strategies tailor made to your individual circumstances systemising your property business, so it can run without you
  • learn how you can achieve financial freedom with multiple streams of massive, passive income to allow you to have choices in life
  • understand the critical factors that are impacting property investing right now
  • access and employ bullet-proofing strategies against the economy
  • design a powerful vision of your life
  • ramp up every aspect of your marketing with innovation that will supply you with all the property leads you will ever need, plus more which you can sell on
  • achieve any goal you desire with my proven, tried and tested goal map system
  • have more time than you ever imagined with my time management system
  • control your mind instead of your mind controlling you
  • structure and implement your different income streams to achieve financial freedom, quicker and safely
  • negotiate your way to success in property and any other business you may be involved in
  • how to raise capital, secure funding, even if you can’t supply the deposits yourself
  • how to release the hidden equity in your residential property or your business
  • how to build and manage a multi-million pound property portfolio – learn and implement my unique Financial Freedom Formula

Your investment:

£1,997 (no VAT payable)
This includes 1 free partner.
To book your mentoring day please visit https://dashboard.gocardless.com/api/template_plans/100SA49TFS/paylink

How To Apply:

There is a qualification process to ensure I pick the right candidates that have the correct mindset to want to succeed and financial/time resources available and also to work with candidates with the best chance of succeeding, so you are not too wasting your time or money.

To apply please email me on harry@dentalpropertyclub.co.uk outlining your wish to join and then we will arrange a telephone interview to see if we are both suitable to work with each other to help you achieve your property goals.

If you are lucky enough to be accepted, you will begin the journey of financial freedom via property and will become part of an exclusive programme where you will thrive off the support, encouragement, help and accountability provided by me.