3 Day Property Advanced Workshop

When Where
Friday/Saturday/Sunday (recommended) or 1 day every 2 weeks Stevenage, Hertfordshire


8.00am – 8.00pm – 36 hours of packed content, information, strategies and tailor made to
your specific property goalsDays 1/2/3 outline

8.00 – 10.00 session 1
10.00 – 11.30 session 2
11.30 – 1.00 session 3
1.00 – 2.00 Lunch
2.00 – 3.30 session 4
3.30 – 5.00 session 5
5.00 – 8.00 Dinner with Q&A, Action Plan, Next Step

Who is it for

  • Dentists that are beginning their property journey
  • Dentists that have 1 or 2 properties in their portfolio
  • Dentists that see property as a route to a different way of life

What is it

Action – Immersion – Results

Learn in 3 days what most investors would take 3 years to learn. In today’s property market there are tremendous opportunities for the savvy investor. Once you complete the Property Advanced 3-Day 1 to 1 Workshop, you can go off immediately and start using what you’ve learned the next day to start building your property portfolio. Learn a systemic method to elicit, utilise and maximise your profits from property over and over again.

Imagine being able to gain in a fast track environment all the knowledge you need to make a success in property investing. This is content that has taken the professionals years to learn through trial and error. This is your opportunity to learn how to invest smartly, successfully and profitably through condensed and structured sessions enabling you to fast track your wealth, happiness, success and property profit now.

This exclusive programme is the culmination of my 10 years plus experience in property. It is designed to empower you with cutting edge systems, skills and strategies you need for creating an invincible advantage in the professional property game. If you are prepared to step up and commit, your rewards will be enormous. My mission is to elevate your financial well-being. The old rules of investing are obsolete. Discover what works in today’s
market to give you more..time….freedom…security and peace of mind.

Learning outcomes

  • Getting motivated sellers who will sell their properties +20% below market value
    coming to you, so you have instant equity when you buy
  • How to flip properties with a minimum of £30k profit per deal
  • Fastest way you can make 5k-10k per month through property, which means you’re
    not reliant on your dental income
  • Get tenants to pay you above the market rent allowing you to maximise your monthly
  • Get your tenants to fix up your houses for free, saving you thousands of pounds
  • Learn how to use lease options to control a house for £1, with no mortgage or deposit
  • Learn how to live in your £1M dream house for £1, saving thousands of pounds in
    stamp duty and deposits
  • How to spot the opportunities the current market presents which allow you to prosper
    whilst others are frightened to take action
  • The strategies that will allow you to make massive profits from the day you purchase
    the property
  • The mindset necessary for exploring the opportunities, which means you will see
    opportunities where others don’t
  • Learn how you can achieve financial freedom with multiple streams of massive,
    passive income to allow you to have choices in life
  • Understand the critical factors that are impacting property investing right now
  • Access and employ bullet-proofing strategies against the economy
  • Design a powerful vision of your life
  • Ramp up every aspect of your marketing with innovation that will supply you with all
    the property leads you will ever need, plus more which you can sell on
  • Achieve any goal you desire with my proven, tried and tested goal map system
  • Have more time than you ever imagined with my time management system
  • Control your mind instead of your mind controlling you
  • Understand your beliefs about money and learn how to win the psychology of money
  • Structure and implement your different income streams to achieve financial freedom,
    quicker and safely
  • Learn and implement my unique Financial Freedom Formula
  • Build the foundations for your property business so you can start immediately after the
    3 days
  • Avoid the common mistakes novice property investors make
  • Avoid the 12 biggest mistakes made by property investors when starting out so you
    don’t lose thousands of pounds
  • By using Ordnance Survey maps, pinpoint your exact and ideal location/s to target to
    gain maximum profit from your property investing
  • Numerous lead generation systems to gain a steady flow of new leads
  • How to assess every lead within 5 minutes to see if it merits further investment of your
  • Negotiate your way to success in property and any other business you may be
    involved in
  • How to raise capital, secure funding, even if you can’t supply the deposits yourself
  • How to release the hidden equity in your residential property or your business
  • How to build and manage a multi-million pound property portfolio
  • Systemise the business so it can run without you


£10,000 (no VAT payable for limited time)

There are a limited amount of spaces I have for these 3-Day Workshops due to the amount of time, preparation and energy that is required in making the days specific for your property goals, the pre course interview and the post call follow ups.

Free partner – I understand that property investing is a joint decision between partners and to facilitate this, your partner can come for free with you to the Property Advanced 3-Day 1 to 1 Workshop at no extra cost.

All refreshments, lunches and dinners are included in this price.

I will pay for your overnight accommodation for the nights of Day 1 and Day 2. In addition if you wish to come on the evening prior to Day 1, I will pay for this extra night accommodation too. (3 nights in total)

Bonus material

  • Pre course questionnaire to fact find your property requirements and background
  • Telephone call prior to the workshop to discuss your property goals and fact finding and
    make the 3-Day Workshop unique and specific for you to succeed in property
  • 1 hour call week after the workshop to follow up any further questions you may have
    and a further 2 calls, every 2 weeks, to action items, check progress, solve problems –
    total of 3 coaching calls post workshop
  • Free entry to any 3/4 day events the Dental Property Club hold for 1 year
  • Help and advice on your first 3 leads/deals
  • List of recommended books for personal development and property
  • List of recommend websites as references for your property business
  • Free e-books on personal development
  • Discounts on the 1 to 1 Property Apprenticeship 1 year programme
  • Free overnight stay for first 2 nights and pre course night if required in Stevenage
  • All my legal documents and templates used in the business of property investing
  • 20 page report I send to motivated sellers, which will position you as an expert
    property problem solver
  • Information leaflets on 20 separate situations a motivated seller may find themselvesunder
  • Joint venture templates I have used to secure £1M funding from private investors
  • Copies of my leaflet templates to attract motivated sellers
  • Copies of my newspaper ads to attract motivated sellers
  • Telephone scripts to pre-qualify any telephone leads
  • Deal analysis spreadsheet to allow you to only concentrate on the most profitable
  • Perform and analyse your wealth dynamics profile
  • My own personally devised goal setting map to guarantee the results you have always
  • Access to my personal power team (printers, call centre, mortgage brokers, insurance
    brokers, solicitors) to help you propel your property business
  • Script I use to guarantee a steady flow of leads with estate agents
  • My unique negotiation template to convert more deals than you ever thought possible
  • Checklist template when viewing properties
  • Flow chart template so you know instantly what options are available to you on any
    particular lead you are presented with
  • All templates and legal docs associated with lease options – securing the lease option,
    heads of terms, lock out agreements, tenant buyer paperwork, handyman paperwork
  • 200 page + workbook
  • Hard copy of my report, ’10 Secrets to Successful Property Investing for Busy Dentists’
  • All my articles on property and wealth creation – 15 articles
  • Hard copy of 20+ page report, ‘ 10 Strategies to Finance your Property Deals’
  • Hard copy of 30+ page report, ‘ 10 Advanced Property Strategies for Sophisticated
  • Audio recording of the 3 days


100% money back guarantee if not completely happy by the end of Day 1. No questions, no quibbles, no arguments, full refund guaranteed always.

Structure Of The 3 Days

Please find below a generic outline. This will be altered to your specific needs, goals and resources. Once we have completed the fact finding call, I may need to leave out certain straggles and expand on others more specific to your individual aspirations within property.

Day 1 – Building your property foundations

1. Mindset and skills needed to be a successful property investor

What are the essential skills you need and what extra resources will you require to help you become wealthy in property You will also find that the valuable skills you develop to create a wealthy mindset spill over into your whole life and not just property investing. This session really is the essential foundation toolkit

2. Your personal wealth creation strategy

Do what you love. We will work out your investor profile and steer you into the best strategy where you have the greatest chance of committing and succeeding. Identifying and focusing on a strategy that suits YOUR goals and fits with YOUR personal why is one of the biggest factors in determining success.

3. Business roadmap for your property business

Where do you want to be in 5/10/20 years? Where are you right now? What are the main steps to take you from here and now, to where you want to be? Using a mentor to help you stay focused on the right tasks is essential when there is so much around to distract and ‘shiny penny’ opportunities to take you away from your core goals. Be aware of distractions, use a mentor to help you decide whether an opportunity is relevant, or not.

4. Multiple streams of income

Why you should not put all your eggs in 1 basket. How to make money directly and indirectly from property. Getting the strategy and balance right such as when buying 2 properties, sell 1 and hold onto 1 in the early years, whereas later you may buy and hold onto both.

5. Why invest in property

Learn about the asset of the rich and different property cycles, so by looking at the big picture knowing when to buy and hold and when to sell.

6. Setting up your property business

What you need initially (call handling centre, business cards) and who I use to set up my sales funnel. You can save a lot of time and money by just following what others do, which is already proven – you can then focus on the property side of your business.

7. Mistakes to avoid when investing in property

Learn from my experience on not want to do, so you can save thousands of pounds. In addition to the free report, ’10 Secrets to Successful Property Investing for Busy Dentists’, we will look at more advanced strategies and how to maximise profits and minimise mistakes.

Day 2 – How to generate/qualify/convert/finance your leads into cash profits

8. How to research your area

How to research accurate selling and rental numbers for your area so you know when a true deal comes along. Know which street, in your town, in your area will produce maximum results so you save money on laser focused marketing activities.

9. Power team

Use my trusted contacts that have taken many years to collect, to propel you onto greater heights much quicker. Including, mortgage brokers, solicitors, insurance brokers, printers, bridging financiers.

10. Lead generation

There are a variety of marketing methods to help you create unlimited leads, including, leaflets, newspaper ads, estate agents, auctions and social media. Which works best depends on your own specific area, hence we will guide you on which ones will get you the maximum return. How to craft your 60 second elevator speech for when you meet
people and tactics to maximise opportunities at networking events.

11. Lead assessment

Use my spreadsheets to evaluate every deal and learn which ones to throw away. This is a custom tool which I have built, tried, tested and used to evaluate every one of my deals. Emotions should be left at the door, a strong deal calculator is what you need to make the right decisions

12. Negotiation

Learn win-win tactics to get the best deal for yourself and the seller. Convert more of your leads, get better deals and get all the questions that need answering out on the table at the beginning, not when there’s an issue.

13. Financing your deals

How to qualify for the best mortgage rates. Which mortgages are best? How to use private investors and joint ventures to fund and profit from your deals. Pros and cons of bridging finance. There are nearly always more ways to finance than you first realise, it’s about identifying them and then creating the right pitch to suit them

Day 3 – Options for your deals – make money from every lead you have

14. Options for deals

Never waste a deal. Have numerous strategies to profit from every deal you secure. Have access to my own personalised ‘deal decision deal’ to quickly know what to do with each lead.

15. BTL – Buy To Let

Maximise profits from renting. Reduce void periods. Regulatory and Legal requirements. DIY or letting agent strategies.

16. HMO – Houses of Multiple Occupation

Achieve massive cash-flow per month from renting room by room. What to do and not to do to make maximum profits from this strategy. How to deal with Article 4 and other regulations associated with this strategy, which vary depending on where you invest.

17. BTS – Buy To Sell

Flip properties for quick profits. What to spend money on that will add value. Learn tricks of the professionals to get you property sold quickly and easily. Assisted sales.

18. Deal packaging

Make money from leads you don’t want and sell them on for profit to other investors. How to package, promote and get paid for these deals. Use my personalised step by step guide to systemise this strategy.

19. Lease options

How to control a house for £1. Don’t need a mortgage to buy a house. Achieve super rent from tenant buyers (above normal market rates). Get your tenants to fix you house for free.

20. Tax

How to set up your property business correctly so you operate in the most tax efficient way. What is allowable against any rental/capital profits?

21. Systemising the business

How to automate your business so it works without you. Don’t trade time for money. You are becoming an investor to increase your income and wealth, not to trade into another job – avoid the pitfalls most landlords most

22. Joint Ventures

How you can either find or yourself become any of the following – a deal sourcer, financier, a networker and JV broker. Learn how to become one of my JV partners in my deals

Summary objectives

Discover – Why the wealthy invest in property and make money whilst they sleep

Learn – How you can buy 27 properties in 24 months

Action – To become financially free and only work when you want to

How to apply

I only take a maximum of 2 or 3 candidates for this 1 to 1 3 Day Property Advanced Workshop, due to the amount of time I need and want to commit to each individual to make sure they succeed and gain maximum return from their investment

Therefore there is a qualification process to ensure I pick the right candidates that have the correct mindset to want to succeed and financial/time resources available and also to work with candidates with the best chance of succeeding, so you are not too wasting your time or money.

To apply please email me on harry@dentalpropertyclub.co.uk outlining your wish to join The 1 to 1 3 Day Property Advanced Workshop, and then we will arrange a telephone interview to see if we are both suitable to work with each other to help you achieve your property goals.

If you are lucky enough to be accepted, you will begin the journey of financial freedom via property and will become part of an exclusive programme where you will thrive off the support, encouragement, help and accountability provided by me.

Guy knows his stuff! He’s very clever and I would love to be in his financial position. He comes across do stress free. Probably because he doesn’t do dentistry anymore.


Harry is a great and down to earth guy with a wealth of knowledge. No question is taboo, he genuinely wants you to succeed in a field he has exceeded in. I’ve learnt an enormous amount on this course and I can’t wait to put it into practice.


 10/10 – Thank you for a truly inspiring 3 day property course. Such a wealth of information to digest. 


 10/10 – Absolutely mind blowing and life enriching, path to road to financial freedom 


 Friendly, thorough, very approachable. Good presentation and explanation skills. 


 Thanks very much Harry, you impart a wealth of knowledge onto me with enthusiasm. I cant wait to get stuck in and create passive income sources. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is smart enough to want to create and control their own future. 


 I needed the tools to get my property investing started. I’d read numerous books and spent six months learning. I almost had too much information and couldn’t assimilate it. Harry, as well as being a top bloke, taught me more but also clarified my goals and gave me a clear and concise action plan to get started. Great course. 


 We gained a depth and breadth of knowledge I wouldn’t have thought possible in 3 days. We have come away enthusiastic and motivated. 

Mrs AG

 Harry has the experience, personality and know how to solve your property problems. 

Dr D P

 The 3 days were very intense, a lot of information and techniques shared. Harry made it fun and enjoyable, especially the role playing which although hard at times was beneficial. 

Dr R P

 After attending Harry’s 3 day advanced property workshop I have secured 2 property deals using the strategies taught during the workshop, with a total equity of £50,000 


 Due to the power team introduced to myself by Harry I saved over £500 per month in my residential mortgage payments and secured funding that was unavailable to me by my own broker. 


 The free support post workshop is invaluable in making sure I don’t rush into any deals. According to my calculations I have saved myself over 80k in terms of rushing into dud deals that Harry pointed out the flaws in. 


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