The complete turnkey system to create instant cashflow and multi-million pound property portfolio including all documents, tools, templates, checklists and more! Specifically created for dentists… by a dentist.

Learn in 2 days what most investors would take 10 years to learn and get EVERYTHING you need to hit the ground running the very next day so you can fast track your wealth and happiness.

The 2-Day Advanced Property Workshop is a virtual pre-recorded course, complete with a physical workbook, that gives you all the templates and tools to be successful in property. To view a snippet of what is on offer, click here.

The Detail…

Dear Dentist,

If you are sick and tired of your dental practice or you simply want more financial freedom and security, there is no better way than property investing.

However, without a solid system and deep knowledge of the property game there are so many pitfalls and places you can go wrong and lose money.

Don’t risk it on your own… instead use my proven and guaranteed methods that will work for you.

It’s taken me 22 years of blood sweat and tears (and costly mistakes ) to learn everything there is to know about property investing. I’ve put together this pre-recorded workshop to give you everything you need to get an incredible advantage in the professional property game.

If you are prepared follow my detailed step-by-step system, your rewards will be enormous.

This workshop is amazing price for what you can achieve from it. Just check out some of the priceless insights you will get in this advanced programme:

  • How I turn £1k into £20k equity almost every month of the year with a simple but brilliant flyer.
  • The fastest way to make £5k-10k per month through property.
  • How to find motivated sellers who will sell their properties +20% below market value giving you instant equity.
  • How to quickly flip properties with a minimum of £20k profit per deal.
  • How to raise capital, and secure funding, even if you can’t supply the deposits yourself.
  • Cashless? No problem. Here is how to control a property for just £1 and get an immediate cashflow from rentals and a guaranteed profit if you chose to sell it later, all without a mortgage or paying a deposit.
  • How to get tenants to pay you up to 20% above the market rent allowing you to maximise your monthly profits.
  • How to get your tenants to fix up your houses for free, saving you thousands of pounds.
  • How to maximise your profits from HMO’s (Houses of Multiple Occupation).

New tax laws makes HMO’s far more profitable… as much as 120-150% extra profit over a single occupancy house. I’ll show you all the ropes of getting these deals done.

ONLY £997 (inc. VAT)

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Please put ‘2 Day Advanced’ in the reference section.

You will also get these amazing insights:

  • How to spot the ‘hidden’ opportunities in the market allowing you to prosper from deals very few people will see.
  • How to make massive profits from day 1 that you purchase a property.
  • How to understand the critical factors that are impacting property investing right now.
  • Access and employ bullet-proofing strategies against the economy.
  • Advanced negotiation skills. These insights makes the biggest difference between the ones that make it and the ones that don’t. You will secure up to 80% more deals with my hard-to-come-by advanced negotiation tactics.
  • The secret to refinancing all your money out after 6 months.
  • How to pinpoint your exact and ideal location(s) to target, to gain maximum profit by using ordnance survey maps.
  • How to maximise profits in Buy To Sell.
  • How to assess every lead within 5 minutes to see if it merits further investment of your time.
  • Advanced financing strategies only known by the top investors.
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Only £997 (Inc. VAT). Don’t forget to put ‘2 Day Advanced’ in the reference section.

You will also get property millionaire mindset secrets!

Your mindset is actually very important to make the right profitable decisions. In this module I’ll teach you everything you need to know about the mindset of success in property. Such as:

  • How to control your mind instead of your mind controlling you.
  • Understand your beliefs about money and learn how to win the psychology of money game.
  • + much more!


You will also get all of these fantastic bonuses:

Bonus #1. List of recommended websites as references for your property business.
For example websites that would give you insights about what the local councils are planning for the next 10 years. This will allow you to find the gold mine areas and when the councils are on your side or not.

Bonus #2. All my legal documents and templates used in the business of property investing.


  • Buy to let tenancy agreements
  • Landlords checklist
  • Inventory checklist
  • Landlord references
  • Lease options heads of term
  • Management contracts

These alone would cost you £2-4k if you were to have a solicitor make them. I want you to have them for free, so you can get started faster on the road to freedom with less hassle.

Bonus #3. The ‘Deal Booster Report’ that could gain you up to £60K extra per year.
This 20-page report will position you as an expert property problem solver to motivated sellers and make you stand out against other investors. I have seen this document giving me an extra 2 deals per year. At £30k each, this report could potentially be worth £60k a year for you!

Bonus #4. Deal magnet leaflets.
We get 80% of our deals through this simple but brilliant leaflet. Including printing and delivery it cost me £1k a month and I turn them into £30k every month. That’s 2,900% ROI!

Bonus #5. Proven newspaper ads that attract motivated sellers.
I recommend newspaper ads to start with because you can get them really cheaply. Obviously there are many things that don’t work and only a few that do. I’ve tested many versions and you get the ones that work… word for word. COPY – PASTE – PROFIT.

Bonus #6. 10X your deals with my brilliant telephone script.
I can’t even tell you how valuable this will be for you. Without this script, which took me countless hours to develop, you could literally lose up to 90% of the deals.

Bonus #7. The ‘Clear Deal’ analysis spreadsheet. Value… Priceless.
This will allow you to only concentrate on the most profitable deals. It will not only save you lots of time, but it also takes the emotion out of deciding what deal to take. You will be able to clearly see which deals have the highest probability of good profits and which ones are likely losers.

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Please pay £997 (Inc. VAT) and put ‘2 Day Advanced’ in the reference section.

Bonus #8.
Access to my personally hand-picked power team
(Mortgage brokers, insurance brokers, accountants, solicitors printers, call centres).

Bonus #9. The estate agent lead-flow script.
Most people approach estate agents in a way that they will not be taken seriously or even remembered. But with this script you will create credibility with estate agents and ensure 1-2 extra deals per year, at £30k each, that would never happen without it.

Bonus #10. My unique deal booster negotiation template.
These powerful strategies will be THE biggest factor in how many deals you get. Follow my template and it will give you a boost of 50% more deals.

Bonus #11. My property viewing checklist.
Not having this checklist cost me £3k on my very first deal. I would estimate this will save you between £3-5K per deal so with just 5-6 deals this can make you an extra £15K-30K annually.


Bonus #12. Flow chart template.
Know instantly what options are available to you on any particular lead you are presented with. This will help you avoid overpaying and increase your chances of having your offer accepted.

Bonus #13. All templates and legal documents associated with lease options.
(Securing the lease option, heads of terms, lock out agreements, tenant buyer paperwork, handyman paperwork etc). If you went to a solicitor it would cost you £2-4k to have these documents made. I give them to you for free so you can hit the ground running.

Bonus #14. 100 page + detailed workbook.
This workbook contains EVERYTHING you need to implement all the strategies you learn in this programme.

Bonus #15. PDF copy of 20+ page report: ’10 Strategies to Finance your Property Deals’

Bonus #16. PDF copy of 30+ page report: ’10 Advanced Property Strategies for Sophisticated Investors’

Just These extra bonuses ALONE can easily make you an extra £100K+ a year.

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Please put ‘2 Day Advanced’ in the reference section.


This is a complete step-by-step blueprint to systemise every single aspect of your property business so it can run without you, so you can get the ultimate freedom.

Right now there are several factors that make investing in property the best possible time you have seen for decades So join me today for what will be one of the most life-changing programmes you have ever completed.



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