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This report offers an easy-to-understand and helpful guide for anyone interested in this area. It's perfect for professionals looking to invest in this growing market.

Dr Ranj Singh
This report is a fantastic resource for anyone considering investing in property....you could save thousands of pounds.

Dr Sunny Luthra
Reading Harry’s report was an eye opener. It explains in a very simplistic way of how easy it is to invest in property and that you do not need a lot of cash to do so.

Dr Niket Patel
His report and advice on the property market is sound and it essential reading for anybody wishing to diversify their income streams. Factor in that Harry is one of the most down to earth guys you can come across means that its not hard for some of that passion and success to rub off on to you.

Dr Amerjote Bansal

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About the Dental Property Club

Dental Property Club was the brainchild of Dr Harry Singh, a retired dentist. Whilst networking with his professional colleagues he found out a lot of them were not gaining maximum profits from their property investing or wanted to start in property but did not know how to begin. He has built a hugely successful and profitable property business and now wants to share his secrets with you. 

Are you unhappy with the returns your savings are getting?

We work hard during the week, pay our overheads and expenses, pay our tax and whats left over we want to get a decent return to provide for our future and our families future. However savings rates are at their lowest for a long time and with the current rate of inflation, most of our savings are actually loosing us money. If the majority of the Top 100 Sunday Times Rich List invest in property, shouldn’t you join them.

Do you want to create wealth through property but don’t know where to start?

I have many dentists ask this question. Thats why I have given you the gift of the report "10 Secrets To Successful Property Investing For Busy Dentists" for FREE to avoid common mistakes made by amateurs. To become a professional property investor I have devised a blueprint which if followed will guarantee you success in your property investing.

Are you scared of losing it all if the propertry market crashes?

The secret here, which took me years to find out is that you make your money when you buy property not when you sell it. Since we are buying at a massive discount to the market value, sometimes even up to 30% below the market value, we have a natural cushion automatically built in if the prices drop. It will be a major world event for property prices to drop 30% overnight. In addition, we would be looking at the long term picture and know there are going to be short term fluctuation in property prices, but long term, say over 10-20 years we are holding onto an appreciating asset.

Don’t I need loads of money to build a portfolio?

I used to wonder how these wealthy individuals had amassed large property portfolios. I used to think they must have thousands of pounds in their accounts, as the only way I knew of buying property was putting a hefty deposit and then saving up again to repeat the process. That was before I devised my Dental Property Club where you can use other peoples money, you don’t have to have a large deposit to control a property or you can recylce your cash very quickly to buy another property.

If you want to start investing in property or you’re already an experienced property investor looking for ways to maximise your earnings from property…then I’ve got some great news for you. I’ll reveal how you can discover my property secrets… and for FREE by just leaving your details on the ‘enquiry’ form above

So why am I giving you these resources for FREE?

Firstly, I believe in giving back, and property has been very good to me and I want to help others with my personal Dental Property Club. Secondary, I love teaching and mentoring others and see them avoid the mistakes I made and become wealthy through property. Thirdly, I believe in the abundance mentality, there is enough for everyone to benefit from.

Case study 1

3 bed terraced house in St Albans
Reason for sale: The owner was emigrating and wanted a quick guaranteed sale so he could leave on time.
Market value: £250,000
Purchase price: £180,000
Sold in 6 months at: £235,000
Profit pre tax in 6 months: £55,000
All within 6 months, I made £55,000 and the owner was able to emigrate (we sold at slightly lower than market value to get a quick sale).

Case study 2

3 bed semi detached in Stevenage
Reason for sale: Financial difficulties, facing repossession
Market value: £180,000
Purchase price: £135,000
Instant equity: £45,000
Monthly rental profit: £250pcm
The owner avoided repossession and received a lump sum plus I kept this property and benefited in 2 ways: A massive £45,000 equity in the property and a surplus income of £600 after all costs.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, leave your details above to receive my report "10 Secrets To Successful Property Investing For Busy Dentists" for FREE and I guarantee you will never buy a property the traditional expensive way ever again.......


Some of my joint venture partners I have worked with.

I first heard about Harry and his property investing via his wife who is a distant cousin of mine. What made me interested was when I heard he was going to give up dentistry to concentrate more on property. Now I knew dentists make good money so if he was turning a blind eye to this for something more lucrative. I asked Harry how he did it and over the next few months he mentored me and I have now successfully applied his theory and bought 2 properties in the last 6 months where I live in Derby at a massive discount. I cant wait to find my next deal.
Charlie, Derby
I used Harry's strategies to help me secure a big discount on my first family home. I didn't know there was an alternative and much cheaper way to buy houses for myself and for investing. Thanks mate
Min, Kent
Harry wrote this 40 page report from his own experience of buying £8M+ of property in
2 years.

Now you can download his FREE report and start learning TODAY:
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Dr. Harry Singh, Dental Property Club

Dr Harry Singh
BChD (Leeds), MFGDP (UK)
GDC Number: 72684

Dr Harry Singh has always been interested in property when he found out that over 80% of the Top 100 Sunday Times Rich made their wealth via property. 

Using the principles he teaches, Harry went from 0 to 27 properties in less than 2 years without using any of his own money. This property portfolio is worth over £7million in the Hertfordshire area and this produces a passive income of £8000 a month, wherever he is in the world. He spends 2 days a week buying property. Harry could have retired at the ripe old age of 35. 

Dr Harry Singh built up his portfolio whilst still running a mixed dental practice. He learnt closely guarded secrets on how to find and buy bargain properties. He was asked by his close friends to teach and mentor them on how to become wealthy via successful property investing.