Guaranteed. Create a £1 million property portfolio and a £60k pa passive income in
12 months, working just 7-10 hours per week.

You now have the chance to speed up your path to financial freedom using the power of our exclusive mastermind and our ultimate white glove support for 12 months.

This is my invitation for you to join a lifechanging network for life, who will share your journey AND profitable deals.

But you must act quickly. This very intensive, Dentist ONLY, mastermind is limited to a maximum of 15 members. Apply here today or read more details first below.

Dear Dentist
If you want to break free of your dental practice, NOW is the best time, because the biggest opportunity to make money in property for over 10 years is here. My projection is that from late 2020 it will be one of the best times to invest that we have seen in a long time, and now with the Ultimate Mastermind, there has never been a better or more secure way of learning these life-changing skills.

Get the advanced investing tools only the privileged know

The Ultimate Property Mastermind will arm you with a plethora of different techniques and strategies that will work in any scenario you will come across in the property business world. Unlike many other training’s that only teach 1 method, I will give you 12 different methods to succeed within property investing so no matter what area, who you are, or what the economy is doing you will be able to win.

I’ve designed the tools and techniques so that once you understand them, it’s impossible for you to forget or ‘unlearn’ them.

You can start implementing them, that will start you out on your personal path to generating wealth through property, as soon as you’ve learned them!

Find the ‘juiciest’ deals that only the VERY SAVVY investors can see

The Ultimate Property Mastermind will teach you to think outside the box and understand the hidden rules of the game in a way that only the best or most knowledgeable investors do. It’s only when you understand the ‘deep’ rules of the game that can you actually play it successfully.

Most people only know about the ‘surface’ stuff, but through my mastermind I’m now giving you access to the most powerful strategies and tactics and I’m going to personally make sure you implement them the right way.

Please remember the purpose of the mastermind is not just learning a series of techniques… the purpose is for you to implement what you learn successfully with the least amount of stress and I’ll be with you every step of the way for the entire 12 months.

With my personal guidance, there is simply no way you can fail in this game.

Let the power of the mastermind set you up for life and shorten your time to complete freedom.

Throughout the ages all the way back to Napoleon Hill, masterminds have been used by the super wealthy to gain an unfair competitive edge. Andrew Carnegie who was the richest man on the planet with a wealth exceeding £200 BILLION in today’s money subscribed ALL his wealth to his mastermind of 50 people.

Why are masterminds so powerful? Well it’s partially being held accountable, the camaraderie, it’s sharing profitable deals and sharing ideas with each other. Finally, it’s the ongoing support and help to IMPLEMENT the powerful strategies you will learn.

All of this and more combined is making masterminds the most powerful way to create permanent change.

You have probably experienced yourself how hard it can be to implement knowledge you have gained in a training programme and this is the reason masterminds are the ultimate way to improve your finances and your life.

In the last few decades scientists have documented that the fastest way to improve your life is not by merely learning new stuff… but by changing your environment. You see, there is a part of your brain that automatically adapts to your environments and that’s why masterminds are so powerful.

The Dental Property Club mastermind is a new environment for you. You will get a new peer-group of 15 people that are all committed to make big things happen quickly. Achieving excellence will be the norm in the group and you will find yourself adapting to this new standard automatically.

So many training programmes are now being switched to masterminds simply because it’s a more effective way to learn and improve.

It’s the super highway to exceptional results and great wealth

So I invite you to join us on this 12 month journey to complete freedom.


Every single member of the mastermind will be personally hand-picked by me to ensure that they are the right member that are committed to and fit the culture of the group.

I’m only looking for motivated people who I can mentor intensively to achieve outrageous success over the next 12 months.

If you believe you are one of them Apply here. I will be in touch to understand your goals and see if you will be a good fit for us and if we are a good fit for you.

A new future for you is waiting.

These are unquestionably difficult times for dentists. So many have become increasingly frustrated and disenfranchised, given the lack of support from governing bodies.

On top of that, there is a concern about what the virus might mean for their financial future in 2020 and beyond.

A few years ago, I felt much the same way as many dentists do right now. It’s really tough when you believe that the regulating bodies aren’t doing all they can to help you, and the Government’s level of support for the self-employed during this pandemic is certainly not what the vast majority of dentists need to live.

My breaking point was in 2002. I was frustrated with NHS dentistry, and I felt like I was begging for money from what was, in those days, the PCT.

I was working hard, taking great care of my patients and yet if I over-claimed in certain treatment bands, I was told off like a naughty child. I felt like I wasn’t in control of my life and my finances. I said “enough is enough!”

At that point, I had been dabbling in property for a couple of years, but now I got serious about it. And 5 years later I was completely financially free and could walk away from my dentistry practice.

I actually made a lot of mistakes to begin with. However, I have now tried and tested every single type of way you can make money with property and have perfected my systems in such ‘painstaking’ detail. So, if you simply follow my instructions there is simply no way you can fail to reach at least £60,000 pa in residual income and create at least a £1 million portfolio within the next 12 months. That’s guaranteed by the way (as long as you put 7-10 hours in a week and follow my simple system).

So what I’m saying is that you can do it a LOT faster than I did and you can even start on your path to financial freedom with no money out of your own pocket.

So, take a deep breath and get ready to leave your biggest money worries and stress behind. I’m going to walk you step by step how to achieve financial security and in the ultimate mastermind you will even get the chance to partner with me on my most profitable deals.

Join a hand-selected small cohort of like-minded and motivated dentists, dedicated to making property investing a core part of their income generation. Apply here now.

What’s included in the Ultimate Property Mastermind?

First of all, I’ve structured the mastermind in a specific way to speed up your learning and implementation.

This is the unprecedented value you get

  • 12 month programme with over 100 hours of education
  • 12 days of training in a live location
  • You will also get 12 webinar sessions throughout the year where you get the chance to pitch your deals and get feedback
  • You will also get access to a private WhatsApp group, only for delegates, for you to network and get feedback on all your deals
  • You will also get my unlimited ‘white glove’ email support from myself for the whole year

Have your deals funded

This might be the most powerful benefit if you don’t have a lot of money to get started. I’ll show you exactly where to find good property deals. I can then fund it for you, but not only that… I’ll take care of refurbishment, or conversion if that’s needed or any other work involved.

You just find it. I will fund it and do all the rest of the work – you take half the profit

If there ever was a way to make money the lazy way this has to be it.

– First release of my profitable joint venture opportunities
On some of my bigger projects I’m also looking for investors and you will be notified about these profitable deals 2-3 days before anyone else.

– Site visits on my ongoing property projects
Imagine looking over my shoulder as I work on site on my profitable projects. This will make all the strategies and principles come to life and speed up your journey to freedom.

– My weekly property profits journal
I’ll give you the inside scoop of what I’m up to in property every week, so you are always up to date of any important changes in the market.

This by itself is worth far more than your investment but I will also give you every single tool, document, spreadsheets, scripts and marketing material you will possibly need to make your journey to financial freedom quick and as painless as possible.

Extra Bonus #1. All my legal documents and templates used in the business of property investing

For example:

  • Buy to let tenancy agreements
  • Landlords checklist
  • Inventory checklist
  • Landlord references
  • Lease options heads of term
  • Management contracts

These would cost you £2-4k if you were to have a solicitor make them. I want you to have them for free so you can get started faster on the road to freedom with less hassle.

Bonus #2. The ‘Deal Booster Report’ that could make you up to £60k extra a year

This 20 page report will position you as an expert property problem solver to motivated sellers and make you stand out against other investors.

This document has given me an extra 2 deals per year. At £30k each, this report could be worth £60k a year for you.

Bonus #3. ‘Deal Magnet’ leaflets

I get 80% of our deals through this simple, but brilliant leaflet. Including printing and delivery, it cost me £1k/month and I turn them into £30k every month. That’s 2,900% ROI.

Bonus #4. My million pound joint venture templates

There is lots of money available in joint ventures, but most people go wrong when approaching investors. I have used this approach to secure £2.5M funding in joint ventures with private investors and you will get my plug-and-play template to find similar valuable deals.

Bonus #5. List of recommended websites as references for your property business

For example, there are websites that would give you insights about what the local councils are planning for the next 10 years. This will allow you to find the ‘gold mine’ areas and when the councils are on your side or not.

Bonus #6. Proven newspaper ads that attract motivated sellers

I recommend newspaper ads to start with because you can get them really cheap. Obviously, there are many things that don’t work and only a few that do. I’ve tested many versions and you get to get the ones that work… word for word. COPY – PASTE – PROFIT.

Bonus #7. 10X your deals with my absolutely brilliant telephone script

I can’t even tell you how valuable this will be for you. Without this script, which took me countless hours to develop, you would literally lose up to 90% of the deals.

Bonus #8. The ‘Clear Deal Analyser’ spreadsheet. Value? Priceless!

This will allow you to only concentrate on the most profitable deals. It will not only save you lots of time, but it also takes the emotion out of deciding what deal to take. You will be able to clearly see which deals have the highest probability of good profits and which ones are likely losers.

It took me 6-9 months to develop this spreadsheet and I can tell you it really is priceless.

Bonus #9. Perform and analyse your wealth dynamics profile

This will determine what kind of strategy is best suited for your personality. Without this many people have chosen the wrong strategy resulting in unnecessary stress, failure, or boredom.

Bonus #10. My own personally devised goal getting map

This will give you a completely clear overview of what activities are needed to reach your goals.

Bonus #11. Access to my personally hand-picked ‘power team’

This includes a team of mortgage brokers, insurance brokers, accountants, solicitors, printers and call centres.

Don’t risk it trying with your own suppliers. I can tell you countless stories of people that have lost thousands and been left with huge headaches, because of the wrong suppliers. Now you don’t have to, because this power team is the best of the best, I’ve collected over 22 years in the ‘trenches’ of property investing and after changing suppliers about 3 times in that period.

Bonus #12. The estate agent lead-flow script

Most people approach estate agents in a way that they will not be taken seriously or even remembered. But with this script you will create credibility with estate agents and ensure 1-2 extra deals per year, at £30k each, that would never happen without it.

Bonus #13. My unique deal booster negotiation template

These powerful strategies will be THE biggest factor in how many deals you get. Follow my template and it will give you a boost of 50% more deals.

Bonus #14. My ‘Property Viewing Checklist’

Not having this checklist cost me £3k on my very first deal. I would estimate this will save you between £3-5K per deal so with just 5-6 deals this will make you an extra £15K-30K annually.

Bonus #15. Investment flow chart template

Know instantly what options are available to you on any particular lead you are presented with. This will help you avoid overpaying and increase your chances of having your offer accepted.

Bonus #16. All templates and legal documents associated with lease options

Securing the lease option, heads of terms, lockout agreements, tenant buyer paperwork, handyman paperwork etc.

If you went to a solicitor, it would cost you £2-4k to have these documents made.

I give them to you for free so you can hit the ground running from the first day.

Bonus #17. 100 page+ detailed workbook

This workbook contains EVERYTHING you need to implement all the strategies you learn in this programme.

Bonus #18. PDF copy of 20+ page report: ’10 Strategies to Finance Your Property Deals’

Bonus #19. PDF copy of 30+ page report: ’10 Advanced Property Strategies for Sophisticated Investors’

Bonus #20. Pre-course questionnaire

This simple road map will help you gain clarity about the strategies best suited for you and your personality.

Bonus 21: Joint venture templates to help you set up and structure these profitable deals

Just these extra bonuses ALONE could easily make you an extra £100k+ a year and save you tons of money and headaches. So you see… I have left no stone unturned in creating the ultimate system to help you get to your freedom quickly and safely.

Danger… Or safety Ahead!

There is no doubt that the world is changing faster and faster! The middle class is being squeezed as more and more jobs are outsourced or replaced by technology. Because of these trends you need more than one income source to be financially secure.

Even if you love being a dentist you need to diversify to reduce your risk! Property has proven over decades to be THE most secure long-term investment and the great thing about my system is you don’t have to worry about waiting for your property price to appreciate, you can literally start making money within months!

I guarantee you will not find a better system to make money from property FAST.
On top of a proven comprehensive training programme you also get my ultimate white glove support throughout the whole year to ensure your fastest results.

APPLY NOW to be one of the only 15 people in this mastermind.

A Crossroads For You

So now you have a choice to make. You now know it’s possible to become financially free by investing in property within a short time. Now, you COULD do nothing. However, I know the reason that you are still here reading is that something inside you is telling you that there is a better life waiting.

From my experience, I know that you are either going to join this training programme or another. So let’s look at why this is going to better than any other property training or programme out there.

14 reasons why joining the Ultimate Property Mastermind could be your best financial decision ever!

  1. Unlike most property courses, I teach you 12 ways to make money from property… not just one
  2. With my system, you are immune to fluctuations in the market. In fact, you will probably make more money when the market crashes
  3. It’s quick and easy. You can literally do it in a few hours a week whenever it fits your schedule
  4. Very little risk. Although all investments have risks my methods are designed to stay away from risky deals. I doubt you will find another system with less risk and higher ROI than mine
  5. Get started with little to no money. I’ll show you exactly how to make deals with very little money or even NO money upfront
  6. You will be in a positive cash-flow very quickly if you follow my simple system
  7. The ONLY property training programme in the UK created SPECIFICALLY for dentists by a dentist
  8. Guaranteed to work… or your money back
  9. You will be joining a community of likeminded dentists working together to get to financial freedom
  10. You will get access to investors that can fund your deals
  11. You get priority access to my best deals BEFORE anyone else
  12. All documents, templates, scripts, flowcharts and marketing material you will ever need for your successful property business are included
  13. Complete email support throughout the whole year. You never have to be stuck trying to implement what you learn. I will be with you every step of the way
  14. The power of a mastermind. Training programmes can be good, but they will simply never match the transformational power of a mastermind.

The bottom line is this works and I firmly believe you simply will not find a better programme to improve your financial future through property… and you are 100% protected by my iron-clad guarantee.

With that in mind… if your financial future is important for you please apply to join us below. Please remember that only 15 people will be accepted into this mastermind and we only do one of these programmes a year. So don’t delay… apply now.


Every single member of the Ultimate Property Investing Mastermind will be personally hand-picked by me to ensure that they are the right member, are committed and fit within the culture of the group.

I’m only looking for motivated people who I can mentor intensively to achieve outrageous success over the next 12 months.

If you believe you are one of them, then apply now. I will be in touch to understand your goals and see if you will be a good fit for us and if we are a good fit for you.

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