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This report offers an easy-to-understand and helpful guide for anyone interested in this area. It's perfect for professionals looking to invest in this growing market.

Dr Ranj Singh
This report is a fantastic resource for anyone considering investing in could save thousands of pounds.

Dr Sunny Luthra
Reading Harry’s report was an eye opener. It explains in a very simplistic way of how easy it is to invest in property and that you do not need a lot of cash to do so.

Dr Niket Patel
His report and advice on the property market is sound and it essential reading for anybody wishing to diversify their income streams. Factor in that Harry is one of the most down to earth guys you can come across means that its not hard for some of that passion and success to rub off on to you.

Dr Amerjote Bansal

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Case Studies

Case study 1 - Below Market Value

3 bed terraced house in St Albans
Reason for sale: The owner was emigrating and wanted a quick guaranteed sale so he could leave on time.
Market value: £250,000
Purchase price: £180,000
Sold in 6 months at: £235,000
Profit pre tax in 6 months: £55,000
All within 6 months, I made £55,000 and the owner was able to emigrate (we sold at slightly lower than market value to get a quick sale).

Case study 2 - Below Market Value

3 bed semi detached in Stevenage
Reason for sale: Financial difficulties, facing repossession
Market value: £180,000
Purchase price: £135,000
Instant equity: £45,000
Monthly rental profit: £250pcm
The owner avoided repossession and received a lump sum plus I kept this property and benefited in 2 ways: A massive £45,000 equity in the property and a surplus income of £600 after all costs.

Case study 3 - Title Split

Market value: £160,000
Purchase price: £160,000
Cost of conversion into 2 flats £45,000
Market value of both flats: £300,000
Total equity in deal after costs : £90,000



Case study 4 - Assisted Sale

Market value £130,000
Mortgage: £135,000
Refurb costs: £10,000
You pay for these refurb costs
Post refurb value: £165,000
Seller happy with: £145,000
Profit after costs : £10,000


Case study 5 - Lease Option

Open Market Value: £175,000
Mortgage on property: £180,000
Option Fee: £1
Option Price: £185,000
Monthly mortgage payments: £450
Rent per month: £850
Cashflow per month: £400


Case study 6 - How I made £162,577.36 in 1 month (November 2014)

After attending Harry's 3 day advanced property workshop I have secured 2 property deals using the strategies taught during the workshop, with a total equity of £50,000.
Due to the power team introduced to myself by Harry I saved over £500 per month in my residential mortgage payments and secured funding that was unavailable to me by my own broker.
The free support post workshop is invaluable in making sure I don't rush into any deals. According to my calculations I have saved myself over 80k in terms of rushing into dud deals that Harry pointed out the flaws in.
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2 years.

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Dr. Harry Singh, Dental Property Club

Dr Harry Singh
BChD (Leeds), MFGDP (UK)
GDC Number: 72684

I have always been interested in property when I found out that over 80% of the Top 100 Sunday Times Rich made their wealth via property. Using the principles I teach, I went from 0 to 27 properties in less than 2 years without using any of my own money. This property portfolio is worth over £8million in the Hertfordshire area and this produces a passive income of £8000 a month, wherever I’m in the world. I spend 2 days a week buying property. I could have retired at the ripe old age of 35. 

I have built up this portfolio whilst still running a mixed dental practice. I learnt closely guarded secrets on how to find and buy bargain properties. I was asked by his close friends to teach and mentor them on how to become wealthy via successful property investing.