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Thoroughly enjoyed a great presentation by Harry Singh at the Dentistry show.He is clearly highly skilled and very passionate about what he does. And he’s gracious enough to share that knowledge with others. Highly recommend

Abeer Al-adhami

Indy Singh

Jayne Sproson

Vijay Vithani

Ketan Shah

The talk that Dr Harry Singh gave was one of the best talks at the show – thanks Harry.

Mark Oborn

Harry’s smart and fun approach to people is unique. Harry has the remarkable formula we’re lucky he’s the kind of expert who loves to share

Krishan Joshi

Harry, this is a great course that makes such a difference! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! Came back with inspiring ideas and an action plan that I am putting into life right now… Your interactive approach, with multiple verbal exercises and hands outs is just one wealth of knowledge and a ready plan

Anna Sieinska

Great course…….You gave some great ideas and advice.

Jasvinder Singh Battu

Fabulous course Harry!……..Really enjoyed it……Thanks for inspiring us!

Sandra Metcalf

Harry Singh was highly entertaining as a speaker and informative at the same time!

Jagmail Basrai

Ordinarily I would dismiss anything like this purely on the basis of its too good to be true… but the fact that you are promoting it and placing your own integrity on the line is good enough for me.

Neel Sanghavi

After attending Harry’s 3 day advanced property workshop I have secured 2 property deals using the strategies taught during the workshop, with a total equity of £50,000.


Due to the power team introduced to myself by Harry I saved over £500 per month in my residential mortgage payments and secured funding that was unavailable to me by my own broker.


The free support post workshop is invaluable in making sure I don’t rush into any deals. According to my calculations I have saved myself over 80k in terms of rushing into dud deals that Harry pointed out the flaws in.