Buy to Sell

1. Some ideas of how to BTS (flip) a property:

Buy, refurb and sell.

Buy, make it look worse then sell in auction (yes, it really can work!).

Buy, keep part and sell part (converting house into flats)

Buy at one auction, sell at another (or through the same auction house at the next sale)

Buy, split the title (freehold into leasehold) and sell off in many parts.

– Buy, split / change the use class and sell off.

Always Add Value

The ‘secret’ to building a strong, cash-flowing property portfolio that generates long-term wealth is…REFURBISHMENT!

Okay, we know it’s not a secret but many investors either don’t do this at all or get it completely wrong! Many investors might be able to buy properties cheaply, but it’s only those that add real value who will become successful.

Refurbishment is all about adding value.
I have a simple rule is that for every £1 we spend on improving our properties we add £3 in value. Although every property has individual refurbishment requirements, we typically spend between £4,000 and £7,000 on each property.

The only way to accurately spend £1 to add £3 in value in the refurbishment step is to manage the key elements –

Budget, Time & Quality of Work:

Budget: work out the fixed cost of the refurbishment upfront, with a full breakdown of what needs to be done and at what price (and include a contingency too).

Time: give the refurbishment team a strict schedule of works to ensure every job is completely smoothly & quickly. This helps to keep the job on budget. If you want to become a successful property investor we advise that you do the same.

Quality of Work: give your refurbishment teams very clear instructions on what work needs to be done & to what standard. This gives surveyors, and later potential tenants, the ‘wow’ factor resulting in higher revaluation estimates and final selling price.

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Eviction process

1. I hope you never have to evict a tenant (I’ve only had to do it twice in over 13 years of property investing), but if you do need to, here is the process to follow:

The first step a landlord will take to evict a tenant is to provide written notice to the tenant. Under British law there are three main avenues for the eviction of tenants. A landlord may serve a Section 21 Fixed Term Tenancy And Section 21 Periodic Tenancy both are Two Month Notice To End Tenancy or a section 8 eviction notice.
Section 21 notice the courts must give you a possession order if the tenant has not left the property as long as you have followed the correct procedures.
A Section 8 Notice is used in situations where your tenant is behind in their rent payment by at least 2 months. Once you serve the section 8 notice your tenant has up to 14 days to pay or leave your property.
If Your tenant dos not pay you can ask the courts for a possession order and a money order but your tenant has a right to a court appearance which takes six to eight weeks.
The judge at the section 8 hearing has several options.
Strike out the landlord’s claim by stating that the landlord did not follow proper procedure. This is a very rare situation in British courts.
Adjourn the hearing to a later date. This is to give either party more time to prepare for their case.
Adjourn the hearing on a condition such as that the tenant pay rent and follow the landlord’s conditions.
Require a suspended possession where the tenant may stay in the home as long as he follows the rules of the lease. If the rules of the lease are not followed the tenant may be evicted without another hearing.
Pass down a section 8 possession order to take place immediately.
Make a judgement based on money that will have to be paid to the landlord.
Possession orders and money orders can be handed down by the judge at the same time. The money order will affect the tenant’s credit rating. If the tenant has not left by the time stated in the possession order he will be evicted by the bailiffs. A letter will be sent by the court stating when the bailiffs will arrive. The eviction by a bailiff is the last resort and is not the preferred method of eviction by any landlord.

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Time management

1. My time management system to get more done in less time.

This process comes to you in the form of the 3D’s – Dump it, Delegate it, Do it. Before you decide what to do with anything, you must only touch it once. This means when you open something, letter or email make the decision right then which of the 3 D’s it falls into, don’t waste time saying you’ll come back to it, most probably you wont plus you will have wasted more time going back to it.

Dump it

If it does not serve you then bin it.

Delegate it

Delegating dramatically increases income. I as a dentist was the worse at delegating and know many of my peers were the same. Why is this? Dan Sullivan says its to do with ‘rugged individualist’ – which means when we started our business’s we did everything ourselves, invested time, money and energy and got good at whatever task we faced. We got used to this and just carried on with the flow.

There are many advantages of delegating:-
do more of what you love,
do less of what you don’t love,
gain control of your life,
have much more free time,
tasks get done better, faster and easier,
you have much more energy, your income goes up.

For example, when we refer to an endodontist its because we don’t have the passion to complete the treatment, someone else can do it better and quicker, saves us time and stress to concentrate on stuff we enjoy doing.

(ii) How much should you delegate? – if you wish a task to be completed, do only those parts you enjoy and are great at, delegate everything else. For example, at home the task of dinner, my wife cooks it and I do the part I love – eating it.

(iii) Managing delegation – People respect what you inspect.

If you don’t have an assistant, you are one!

3. Do it

I always ask myself is the task adding value and taking me towards my goals,if both are yes, then lets do it.

They system I use for managing my tasks is the RPM system devised by Tony Robbins.

RPM is the Rapid Planning Management:
Results focus – what do I want? – What’s the result/outcome I am after? Not what should I do. Be very specific, clarity is more power, takes more time but is worth it. Focus on outcomes more than activity, for example if you have numerous to do lists, chunk them into 8 wheel of life segments, and then if you only accomplish one of each you still have better balanced life. Where your focus goes – energy flows, don’t be an activity manager but a results manager. Be productive and not active, Busy = broke, productivity = profitability
Purpose driven – do you have enough emotional juice to carry, to overcome any obstacles, Why and what is your purpose?
Massive Action Plan =MAP, for real and lasting results

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“We gained a depth and breadth of knowledge I wouldn’t have thought possible in 3 days. We have come away enthusiastic and motivated”. Mrs AG

“Harry has the experience, personality and know how to solve your property problems. Dr D P

“The 3 days were very intense, a lot of information and techniques shared. Harry made it fun and enjoyable, especially the role playing which although hard at times was beneficial”. – Dr R P

“Guy knows his stuff! He’s very clever and I would love to be in his financial position. He comes across do stress free. Probably because he doesn’t do dentistry anymore.” – Dr GS

“Harry is a great and down to earth guy with a wealth of knowledge. No question is taboo, he genuinely wants you to succeed in a field he has exceeded in. I’ve learnt an enormous amount on this course and I can’t wait to put it into practice”. – Dr LP

“10/10 – Thank you for a truly inspiring 3 day property course. Such a wealth of information to digest.” – Dr Nick Simon

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Change is a part of growth, and this day will surely evolve and change. 

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To furnish or not to furnish?

1. Property Letting – Furnishing or not furnishing a rental property

The key to a successful property letting is to work out who your target customer is and to present your buy to let property accordingly.

Providing furniture will increase the rent and give the landlord the edge of getting a tenant into their property quicker compared to an unfurnished property. However, always at the back of your mind you should be maximising your income whilst minimising your effort and costs.

Costs of furnishing a rental property

The true cost of furnishing a rental property varies from individual to individual and who your target market is. For example, to furnish a luxury apartment may cost around £5,000 or to kit a basic flat may cost around £500, providing you seek budget furniture from homeware stores.

You must also take into account the effort needed to source the furniture (this takes time and skill to source the right furniture to create the right ‘look’), assemble and arrange the furniture within the rental property. There is also the repair and renewal costs of the furniture to take into consideration.

If you choose to go down the student letting market, in the form of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO), they will need a bed with mattress, desk, chair, drawers and a wardrobe in each room. You will also provide them with the white goods.

There is a demand for furnished properties for short term tenants, especially professional workers who are required to relocate from work for short periods of time.

What furniture would the landlord require?

The rental property will require the basics of white good appliances such as a washing machine, fridge freezer and cooker, this is ideal for a part furnished rental property. If you are looking to fully furnish the rental property you will be looking at purchasing wardrobes, bed with mattress, dining table and chairs, sofa, lighting etc.

If your rental property is aimed at the short term lets, it will be of benefit to provide cutlery and cooking equipment.

To give you the edge and to rent your property out quicker you may choose to make the property more comfortable and homely by adding rugs, pictures on walls and other finishing touches to maximise your rent and to get the property tenanted sooner.

All furniture in a rental property must conform to the Fire Safety Regulation, which was implemented in 1997.

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1. Property Crowdfunding

There are many people wanting to start their own property portfolio, due to a lack the finances to raise a deposit themselves many people are turning to crowdfunding. Property crowdfunding helps potential investors who are unable to fund their own buy to let investments.
What is Crowdfunding?
Crowdfunding brings capital from a number of investors together to buy a number of properties, or to invest in a development project that is on a larger scale.
Who can be involved in the Crowdfunding?
Crowdfunding make fantastic use of your own network of friends, family, business associates and colleagues. You can also make us of the social media, such as, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin
What are the advantages of Crowdfunding?
Dependent on the agreed terms the following benefits include:
The investors invest a small amount of money, this is deemed as low risk investment
The risk is shared
Investors have a choice of which projects they want to invest in
There is no mortgage which means no interest rate exposure
Dependent on your investment you will receive a proportions of the rental returns and capital appreciation
You become a buy to let landlord, without the hassle of the day to day running of the property
Many of the due diligence around the property is taken care of before you invest
What are the disadvantages of Crowdfunding?
Investments can be at risk if the market changes
Conflict of interest may occur when there are a number of people involved in a project
Currently in the United Kingdom there is a lack of regulation around crowdfunding
Your investment will be for a fixed term. There may be opportunities to exit but this must be investigated.
Your returns may not necessarily be as high as if you had bought it yourself
Lack of control. You will trust someone else to manage the property and keep the properties tenanted.

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Smoke alarms

1. It was announced on 11th March 2015 that from 1st October 2015 Landlords will be required by law to install working smoke alarms (on every floor) and carbon monoxide alarms (in high risk room, such as those where a solid fuel heating system is installed) in their properties in England (In Scotland this is already required)Local Authorities will be enforcing this and will be able to serve a remedial notice where they have reasonable grounds to believe the landlord has not complied with these new legal requirements. If a landlord fails to comply with the remedial notice within 28 days of the notice being served, the Local Authority under a duty (where the occupier consents) can arrange remedial action. In addition, Local Authorities can impose a civil penalty charge of up to £5000 on landlords who are in breach of their duty to comply with the remedial notice.

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Property market

1. The property market always slows before a general election due to uncertainty surrounding the implications of a change in political direction as a result of the existing Government being replaced by a new one!
The news that the Conservative Party has just been re-elected will be good for most property investors and business owners. This is because the Conservatives believe in lower taxes and in a free market with less intervention than the Labour Party.
With continued austerity cuts, it is likely that inflation will remain low, which means that interest rates will probably also stay low to help the economy grow. This is fantastic news for property investors and I would not be surprised if we see a boom in property prices over the next 12 months.
So what does this mean for you?
If you are considering buying a property in the next 12 months you had better get on with it before the market really starts to pick up as all the amateur investors flood back into the market to make the most of the potential property boom.
Now is a great time to invest in property as long as you know what you are doing. You don’t have to do it on your own.
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How to stay motivated

1. My secret to success in… staying motivated

I was entertained to learn that when you Google ‘staying motivated’, everyone seems to have something to say about it. No doubt about it, this is an on-trend topic!

There’s Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who actually surprised me by adding value to what I wanted to say, with: ‘I really am motivated by being able to work with great people and create a body of work that I can look back and be proud of’.

And then there are others, such as one of my personal favourites, the late Stephen Covey, who made a career out of being inspirational, who stated: ‘Motivation is a fire from within. If someone else tries to light that fire under you, chances are it will burn very briefly.’

So, what have I got to add to the motivational equation? Well, like Leo, I want to be surrounded by good people and offer value to others. What’s more I continuously strive for improvement and I never stop learning. I recognise that it has to come from me. These are my keys to success in staying motivated.

The truth is, however, that it’s easy to lose motivation when you’re bogged down with the day-to-day running of a dental practice and that, ultimately, will do neither you nor your patients any good.

So please, do surround yourself with a great team, do make time to keep learning, and never stop striving to reach your next goal.

That is what I’ve done, and intend to keep doing, and my ensuing motivations has led me to wealth, health and happiness that at one point seemed only possible in my dreams.

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Breaking Bad

Even though we joined the party late, my wife and myself are hooked on the Breaking Bad series.

Without giving the story line away, the basics are of a man needing to find an alternative income stream to pay for a very large unexpected bill.
There are many parallels I can draw from this series and people I meet on a regular basis via my trainings.
– Many people are trading time for money and are so busy with their work that they have little or no investments or savings to invest in. In addition, everything they earn goes on their living expenses. What would happen if you could not work? Will your passive income cover your lifestyle?
– It took for the main character in the series to have a life destroying event to evaluate his current lifestyle. He was living a slow death. He became reactive when he had to change his income stream and life. Don’t become reactive, become proactive and design the life you want right now. Do not participate in a slow death.
– Don’t be struck in the rat race as the main character was. Even if you win the race, you are still rat.
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Testimonials and results

Written Testimonials from previous attendees –

2. Video Testimonials from previous attendees –

3. Results achieved from previous attendees:

Dr RG – purchased 4 properties within 12 months at below market value with combined equity over 100k and passive income of 1k per month.

Dr RP – purchased 2 properties within 6 months at below market value with combined equity of 40k and passive income of £600 per month

Dr CB – purchased 1 property with 3 months at below market value with an equity of over 25k.

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5. Had a great session on Sunday 10th May with all the dentists that have attended my 3 day advanced property workshop. I offer 6 months of free support post workshop to help you achieve financial freedom.

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